Designing culture of innovation

Hi, welcome to BASICS, we’re a digital innovation & ventures company, we invent, build and invest in innovative digital products or new business models.
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From product-centric
to human-centric

Reimagining the relationship betwen People & Money.
Harmoney subscribed to BasicsCX to learn from customers and transform its customer experience, build design capabilities and create a trusted and humanised digital product.


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Turning digital pains into
business strategic gains

Accelerating your digital transformation with digital & customers at the core.
The Digital Business Roadmap is a BASICS Venture that helps you plan the plan for to accelerate your digital business growht.


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Helping people get home safe.

We created Veepa when we found ourselves exploring Virtual Reality for Health & Safety training, but with our business partners, we realised it was about understanding human behaviours, before training. Then we created a VR experience and a startup to create organisation’s preventive safety culture.
Today, we changed up to 50% behaviours with an average of 33% increase using Virtual Reality.


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A new brand with longevity, customer and future focused

 Intergroup trusted BASICS as its partner in digital, culture change and brand transformation, which balances cultural values with Environmental and Technological sophistication.


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We are back to basics, simplifying digital complexity by design.



BASICS specialises in rapid creation of innovative digital products, strategy, education and digital customer experience.

For over two decades we worked as co-founders of new start-ups and digital ventures, solving key digital innovation challenges, deliver great customer experiences and developing innovation capabilities for the world’s leading companies.

We have special services for digital growth, transformation and innovation:


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Why BASICS? Because we need be simple and get clarity about some of the most common questions surrounding design, digital, innovation or transformation – from;

  • The ‘basics’: What is UX, digital, innovation or transformation in the first place? to
  • The ‘complex’: What role does design, people, technology and customer experience play in those buzz words? and to
  • The ‘actionable’: How can I build digital capabilities and get started without creating an innovation lab, but assessing my business digital maturity?

We work with senior leaders from local and global companies, start-up founders and the public sector, only if we can develop their own internal culture of innovation.

At BASICS, we believe that technology, the human-centric design and speed not only can change your customer experience but give you new competitive advantages.

Our defined process starts by setting up simple foundations to enable rapid transformation of ideas to commercialisation. It combines design & visual thinking, lean startup and agile development to transform customer insights into practical opportunities for improvement and innovation. We’re technical agnostics but we breathe and live in a digital age.