Designing culture of innovation

Specialists in digital innovation, strategy, education, product & digital experience design.
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Simplifying digital complexity,
by design.



Basics Digital & Labs specialises in digital innovation, strategy, education, product & digital experience design. We exist to help people and organisations break down digital complexity, and so to empower them unleash collective creative innovation and design cutting edge digital experiences in a world of rapid technological and societal change.

We have a special solution for key challenges:


Start with Modernise, Transform or Innovate

Technology is changing the human experience. We are ‘change agents’, designers, leaders, thinkers and communicators, working at the forefront of technology. We believe that understanding people and technology, and how creative thinking and innovation will impact our lives is fundamental to future success.

Over 17 years of experience we’ve identified some of the most common questions surrounding digital, innovation or transformation – from the COMPLEX (What role does design, people, technology and customer experience play in those buzz words?), to the BASIC (What is digital, innovation or transformation in the first place?), to the ACTIONABLE (How can I get started without creating an “innovation lab, but assess my business digital maturity“?).





From product-centric
to human-centric

Harmoney subscribed to our XD on-demand lab and transformed its design capabilities by building a trusted and humanised customer experience.


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