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We are a digital transformation consultancy & ventures practice that plans, designs, builds & invest in innovative ideas for clients from lean startups to leading enterprises.
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Reimagining the relationship between People & Money. 

We’ve helped Harmoney to learn from customers, gain insights and transform its customer experience, build design capabilities and create a trusted and humanised digital product.


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Introducing du.today

Welcome to a better way of learning, where strategy meets doing. Du.today is a BASICS Venture that created an all new learning platform built on Lean Digital Strategy, with powerful and fun to use tools which eliminates the gap between learning and applying.


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Helping people get home safe.

We created Veepa when we found ourselves exploring Virtual Reality for Health & Safety training, but with our business partners, we realised it was about understanding human behaviours, before training. Then we created a VR experience and a startup to create organisation’s preventive safety culture.
Today, we changed up to 50% behaviours with an average of 33% increase using Virtual Reality.


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A new brand with longevity, customer and future focused

 Intergroup trusted BASICS as its partner in digital, culture change and brand transformation, which balances cultural values with Environmental and Technological sophistication.


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Your digital transformation & innovation partner.



We put people, design sprints & visual thinking at the heart.

Our vision is simple, we want to create a better digital future, together and with a culture of innovation.

Our mission is to move organisations beyond just talk and unleash collective innovation to launch human-centred companies, products and services that have a meaningful impact on the world, by Design & Visual Thinking.


We help businesses unlock their digital & design potential.

We explore future perspectives/products in a digital age and equip you with the tools and capabilities to navigate innovation.

We love visuals, coffee, design, craft things and the internet, we work lean, using proven methods to deliver:

  • Winning digital strategies, services and products
  • Customer Experiences with impact.
  • High-performing people and teams
  • Future-proof organisations

We do this through lean digital strategy and experiential solving-problem methods, customer & user research, workshops, events, coaching and mentoring.


What’s behind our name?

Over the years we’ve learned to gain clarity about some of the most common questions surrounding design, digital, innovation or transformation – from;

  • The ‘basics’: The foundations, how to be aligned, compress work and set foundations that would usually take months into days, what is UX, digital, innovation or transformation in the first place? to
  • The ‘complex’: What role does design, people, technology and customer experience play in those buzzwords? and to
  • The ‘actionable’: How can I build digital capabilities and get started without creating an innovation lab?

We are back to basics, simplifying digital complexity by design.


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