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We are a collective of specialists, change agents and digital pioneers designing and developing digital products, offering our clients support with employee & customer experience strategies and digital business transformation.

This means we’re leading by example, because we’re experimenting with it ourselves, and proving that we’re not in the game for money alone. This is how we make a meaningful impact on the world.

Our vision is simple, to help businesses get digital ready and deliver the best customer experience.

We’re on a mission to reimagine how to move organisations beyond just talk and unleash collective innovation to design -and deliver- digital products, services and create behaviour change within customer and employee experiences.

We believe everyone is creative, has the power of innovation and real genius exists in the collective across any organisation, our purpose is to explore that concept.

We also believe that technology, human-centric design and speed not only can change your employee and customer experience but give you new competitive advantages.

Why Visual Thinking? Because it helps us to remove the barriers of language and limitations between people and technology, in a way that enables and empowers people and users to accomplish their goals – whatever they may be.



We co-create, working side-by-side with your company to transfer digital knowledge. This allows your team to continue to drive the required outcomes to grow your business.



We incorporate Design Thinking to help you address human-centred and complex customer experiences, as well as other organisational, digital and communication challenges.



We use the power of visual thinking as a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate.



We use tools to create a shared vision, inspire advocacy and change, deliver the right technology and accelerate adoption. We bring a different consultancy model focused on the inside of organisations, but coaching you instead of installing us in your building.


Think of us as your virtual Digital and R&D team for your new digital business model.



We’re on a mission to move organisations beyond just talk and unleash collective innovation.



Pablo Dunovits

Founder & Experience/Digital Strategist
Digital Strategy and Human-Centred Design Expert (UX)

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Father of two and barbecue lover, almost football retired but still running. Designer and strategist by background with a strong strategic and visual design practice, a digital innovation lead, an educator, mentor, business & social entrepreneur and startup-leader.

As an Experience Design lead or Virtual Chief Digital Officer I’m using my analytical, creative and artistic skills to lead market research, business analysis, customer experience strategy, digital user experience design, brand & spatial strategy and workshop facilitation.

I spend much of my time working with executives across a wide range of industries, using led Design to help them address strategic, brand, digital and innovation challenges.

There’re a couple of reasons to trust us with your digital vision and customer experience: we get results and drive innovation.

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