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Transferring our digital knowledge to help your business grow.


Basics Digital & Labs is an digital innovation consultancy, a digital product studio and entrepreneurial by nature, co-founders of your success. Each person is an agent of change, and we want to help our clients make a better world. We help create effective teams with different and faster ways of working, where people are aligned, clear, empowered & motivated, by making Design and Digital the DNA of your organisation.


Pablo Dunovits

CEO & Founder

Father of two and barbecue lover, almost football retired but still running. Designer and strategist by background with a strong strategic and visual design practice, a digital innovation lead, an educator, mentor, business & social entrepreneur and startup-leader. As an Experience Design lead or Virtual Chief Digital Officer I’m using my analytical, creative and artistic skills to lead market research, business analysis, customer experience strategy, digital user experience design, brand & spatial strategy and workshop facilitation.

I spend much of my time working with executives across a wide range of industries, using led Design to help them address strategic, brand, digital and innovation challenges.

There’re a couple of reasons to trust us with your digital vision and customer experience: we get results and drive innovation.


digital innovation

Power to you.

We co-create, working side-by-side with your company to transfer digital knowledge. This allows your team to continue to drive the required outcomes to grow your business.

People first.

We incorporate people-centered design to help you address complex customer experiences, as well as other organisational, digital and communication challenges.

Simple is better.

We use the power of visual thinking as a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate.

We’re with you.

We use tools to create a shared vision, inspire advocacy and change, deliver the right technology and accelerate adoption. We bring a different consultancy model focused from the inside of organisations, but coaching you instead of installing us in your building.

Interested in working together?

Partnering with us means tapping into a creative consultant who know how to get customer value, faster, reliable and with results.

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