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How might we turn a digital business into customer centric organisation, build internal innovation capability and design the best customer experience?



Use our XD on-demand lab with an ethnographic inquiry and Design Thinking approach to understand the relationship between borrowers and the process of borrowing money.

To inform and support the design of a Service & Customer Experience Design Blueprint Strategy, prototypes and build User Experience Capabilities that will increase access and optimise the customer experience of the borrowers product.

What our XD on-demand lab did
Visual Thinking Harmoney summary


Harmoney workshop #1

Customer Journey Harmoney A

Key outcomes

Using anthropological research to understand how people interact with money, before they become customers, so they are understood from the moment they show up.

  • Interviewed 65 in-depth customers
  • interviewed and assisted 20 applications
  • Identified 5 main segments, their needs, and pain points.
  • Identified 28 opportunities for customer experience improvements

Design Thinking workshop

Key outcomes

Learn methods of design thinking to create a human-centred organisation, breaking silos to understand how internal teams might integrate and collaborate to build towards a shared digital vision of success.

rapid prototyping

Key outcomes

Redesigned Oneclick User Experience:  customer personas, customer journeys and understanding the critical opportunities for Harmoney to influence and control the future – and game changing – digital loan application experience.

  • Defined 69 features opportunities to improve Borrowers instance.
  • 13 key user requirements
  • Created 3 prototypes and 27 iterations
  • Conducted 18 remote testing activities validating new features and opportunities.

Customer Experience mapping

Key outcomes

Improving customer’s acquisition conversion, automation and performance purely through a more humanised and personalised online process.

  • 1 full size Service Design & XD blueprint map
  • 3 Visual tools to activate the new user experience vision
  • User centred eDM framework
  • Redefined product design processes

Embed customer centricity into Harmoney DNA


Increasing XD and UX capability through improved systems, tools and agile practices. Learning new ways to accelerate traditional development & design cycles and implement an innovation.



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