A new approach to improve organisation’s preventive safety culture.


Meet the Virtual Reality Resilience Assessment & Training Platform

With Veepa, you do more than train people. You help them get home safe and drive business results by meeting the needs of each individual.

Veepa combines VR and mobile technology with a proven scientific method to investigate and identify people with LOW LEVEL of resilience, change risk-taking behaviours, increase knowledge retention and decrease human errors and incidents.

Virtual Reality assessment

Assess how to understand your workforce resilience, and who needs personalised critical risk training

A proven methodology for better strategic decisions and pre-cultural changes.

Visual Map with resilience levels
Veepa resultados

Improve public image, safety, productivity & efficiency

Gain new clients with an improved H&S culture and higher ranked resilient organisation.

Operational cost, incidents rates reduction and NOT getting fined by the government.

Increase people’s behaviours and learning retention, by training the modern worker with a lower cost training logistic and inner process efficiency.

New Zealand has $99 million* annual cost of work-related injury in the construction sector

  • Low effectiveness – and more expensive – of traditional training for the modern worker, but compliance cost,

  • Very low knowledge retention,

  • 70% work-related injuries associated with preventable risky behaviours

Companies using VR-based training approaches have reduced ‘Lost Time injuries’ rates by up to


Companies using VEEPA VR-based Pre-training & Resilience Assessment have increased behavioural changes by up to


What does it do?

The system has 3 components:

First component

A Virtual Reality & Mobile App to self-assess personal resilience levels

  • Change up to 50% behaviours with an average of 33% increase
  • Low cost & Self-assessment using Google Cardboard
  • Individual safety-related personality traits
  • Identification of risk by increasing self-awareness & choosing safe behaviours.
  • Financial benefits; report for hiring, training & coaching
  • Mobile VR scenarios

A cloud based  & Real time reporting system

  • A viewer that allows you to see, and interpret what has been reported for further actions and personalised training.
  • Cloud based site profiling system
  • Personalised reporting per region, project or site.


Second component

Third component

A Virtual Reality framework for Induction & Training

  • Increase learning retention up to 80% vs traditional training methods
  • Personalised, real-life serious game scenarios for training
  • Critical risk scenarios development
  • Earthquake simulation scenarios development
  • Bespoke VR scenarios
  • VR & Mixed Virtual reality
  • Cloud & mobile-based
  • 360 photo/video production

It’s proven, Veepa helped people get home safe


Dempsey Wood


75% of people can retain up to 100% of what they saw or experienced after 1 week.


In week #0, 75% of people ISOLATED the hazard and 25% MINIMISED it only.

After 1 week, 75% of people ELIMINATED the hazard. 25% ISOLATED it.

100% attitudes identified.


100% of users self-conducted the VR experience using Mobile phones and VR Google Cardboards.

100% of users engaged with VR-based tools and usability for further Training and support


75% of people changed up to 50% behaviours with an average of 33% increase using VR.

In other words, 75% of people know what is the best practice and HOW they can apply it.

Let’s build your preventive Health & Safety culture together.

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